Merchant Coaching

Multiple Service Providers

The Problem: There is not one single merchant service provider that can service every type of business.  You see, there are certain rules and processing requirements that will limit the risk level of a merchant service provider.

The solution: Combine multiple merchant service providers under One Market Place that can analyze the best rates and the best combination of services that can provide the optimum package for your business.  We have industry experts that can ask the right questions, negotiate the right terms with the right rates, program the gateway for your business to accept payments.  This solution will help you reduce costs for your business.

POS Providers

Having the wrong POS system for your business can be a costly mistake, not only in terms of profits but of time as well.  Your business might need access to mobile/wireless processing to accept payments on the go, or it might require an inventory management system built-in your payment portal for easy access to information from your smart phone. Batched understands that your business is unique so we find the right match for you.

Saving on Rates

In the majority of cases business owners don’t really understand their merchant services statements.  They usually pay for a hodgepodge of credit card processing fees, not knowing why or if they are even necessary. Our audit team will analyze your existing statements to see if there is a better rate option that best fits your needs.

 Customer Conversion Platforms (CCP’s)

At Batched we provide access to products and services to take your business to the next level. We have custom platforms to increase conversion rates for your advertising and to lower your cost per acquisition for new clients.  We can also provide excellent services for your business to acquire returning clients. We can show you how to leverage your existent clients to gain new ones!

Hard to understand statements?
1.59% starting rates…

We clarify the confusing merchant statements and find lower rates with no hidden fees.

The Latest Fraud Protection Security Technology!

Our team of knowledgeable merchant coaches will review your needs, determine which provider and programs can save you more money, and help you increase your customer base. Let our coaches do the heavy lifting for you.

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There is a new mandated security measure to prevent stolen credit cards to be used in your business.  Learn what this mandate by Visa and  Mastercard is to protect yourself from fraud.

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There is power in numbers. The greater the volume, the greater the power to negotiate. We unite your business with hundreds others to leverage the best rates by the best providers.

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Apple Pay and Google wallet are the latest payment technology.  These new mobile solutions can help you increase business if you know how to use it.

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Featured Equipment & POS Systems

Batched not only can assist you in finding the best payment processing rates but can also help you obtain the best POS systems solutions for your business.

From ApplePay to intuitive POS systems to online marketing platforms; all geared to help you save money, obtain new customers, and keep them coming back.