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The deadline is coming. Fraud liability will shift to the business owner.



EMV Liability Shift Rules from Visa MasterCard and other Card Brands

EMV Rules

Starting October 1, 2015, businesses may be liable for any counterfeit fraud transactions.

Merchants will be financially liable for all fraud if they are not up-to-date with the new EMV security technology. Now is the time to switch over to EMV compliant terminals and POS systems. Hackers and Fraudsters will target the most vulnerable more than ever. Don’t become a victim.

Percentage of world payment card transactions in US 25%
Percentage of fraudulent card transactions for US 50%
Fraud Reduction In Europe 27%
How many merchants have no knowledge of security changes 50%
How many small business have no plans for EMV 75%

Merchant Service Security Updates


How you can secure your cash flow?

EMV Only Security

Only EMV-enabled terminals can read and decode bank cards; creating a unique dynamic code that changes with every transaction making it virtually impossible to duplicate sensitive data.

Customer Interaction

The buyer inserts the card into an EMV reader or taps it on a contactless sales terminal to make a transaction, with no bank card hand-off to the merchant and no swipe.

EMV Impossible To Duplicate

The EMV technology makes it virtually impossible for thieves to duplicate bank cards, thereby reducing card fraud at the point of sale.

No Duplication of data

Unlike mag-stripe cards, an EMV chip card always remains in the physical possession of the consumer.

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How does EMV work?

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